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Some pages are quite graphic intense - sorry about that.
I was on dial-up myself and know loading can be a real drag...
Still - give it a go - the result might be worth it


Let's do the Time Warp!
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Please follow me quietly and tread softly to not disturb the peace of these ancient and magical woods...

Or if you promise to be really quiet
you can pick up the above flashlight
and follow me into the Enchanted Forest
...but shuhhhh....




FAIRY REALM ~ poetry (most of it original), enchanting Fairy games, Fairy I-believe buttons
updated ~ 28.10.04

VAMPIRE REALM ~ Vampire Screen Legends, Vampire Adoption Service, I-believe buttons for the creatures of the night
updated ~ 05.07.07

ANGEL REALM ~ poetry (all original)
updated ~ 01.04.04

DARK REALM ~ interactive Horror Story (can you save the souls of the cursed?) plus spooky midis, fonts and gifs
updated ~ 29.08.04

DRAGON REALM ~ uncountable dragons
updated ~ 02.04.04


CURIOSITY REALM ~ all sorts, from funny to the down right strange... plus quizzes!
updated ~ 11.07.06


COSMIC REALM ~ take a trip through the universe and its amazing beauty (stunning Hubble pictures!) plus alien I-believe buttons
updated ~ 28.10.04


Thoughts, things that interest me or have happened to me... Chaos! Like it says... lol
updated ~ 01.04.04


PET DEMONS ~ pick up the body armour and follow me to check on My Lair's beloved pets. (They are quite sweet, really!)
updated ~ 20.07.04


Exactly what it says *s*
updated ~ 03.03.04



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POLTICIANS REALM ~ choose the politician of your choice and give him the face you think he deserves (JAVA applet) Very therapeutic... *grins*
updated ~ 19.04.04


GAMES REALM ~ have fun playing!
updated ~ 25.08.04


GRAPHICS REALM ~ my blinkies, star constellation or animal buttons waiting to be adopted
updated ~ 15.04.04


..return to the warmth of my homefire..
updated ~ 17.08.04


not operational at present









Think Twice!
Think Twice!

wisdom is
not to judge

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but to seek





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