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..aha.. games.. that's what you are after..

Well have fun to your heart's content!


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just click on the above devil girl
(in other words me - hehehe)
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And don't forget:

Winning isn't everything -

(hehehe... and that from someone who is actually not very competitive at all)
(but I thought I put this little thorn in your flesh before you start)
*evil grin*



~ My Lair's General Knowledge Award ~

Click on one of the red spots below, drag the square over the picture,
then send me an email containing the name of the building
and the name you want on the award.
If you are correct - you win!
(by the way - you only need to guess one building right *s*)

...once you think you have solved the puzzle...
...use your browser's back button to return to this page...









counter installed 24th of August 2004
unfortunately no data about game addiction from before available