Howdy - Hello

Gruess Dich - Bon Jour


Whatever greeting you prefer, you chose and then
make yourself at home in my 'Politicians Realm'.

If you have a grievance with one politician in particular
(sorry, you won't find the smaller players here, not enough space..)
here is your chance to do to him what you could
and should never do outside this Realm...
Pay him a visit on his page and have a looong draaaging
talk about all the things that worry you.
Be amazed how you can make them change for the
better or the worst - whatever you prefer!
I have tried to be fair and keep the balance in this realm.
I have already visited who I have an issue with...
Now it's your turn!
Don't let them get you down - have fun with them instead!!!




Just one more thought,
before you head of to meet the politician of your choice..



Why can not all politicians be like Gandhi?

Maybe we should take the planes and fancy limousines
away from them and hand them a pair of good solid boots instead.
Let them walk from one corner of their country to the other
and we will see who's got the stamina to last all the way.
(Sorry G.W. but if you want to rule one of the biggest
and most powerful nations in the world - maybe it's
only fair you got the most walking to do, don't ya think..?)

These politicians claim to act in our best interest,
but never listen to what our interests actually are...

They say they want to do the right thing - by whom?

I think this trip by foot would do them all a lot of good, don't you?
They might would actually learn something
about the people they claim to govern..




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