How wonderful...
You have followed our little fairy guide
and truly entered the
That is marvelous!

We hope you will be enjoying
your stay with us and return often!!!


Zelda Ocarina of Time ~ Kokiri Village





To click on any link or image on this page
you have to make sure your cursor
is not under 'fairydust attack'

These little fairies chasing after your cursor
are worried you might bring harm to
the magical beings living here,

so they try to hinder you in sprinkling you
with a special dust that sticks to your
cursor and won't allow you to enter new pages.

To make sure you get to where you wish to go
you simply have to be this wee bit quicker
than they are when you want to click
on a link or image.

Or if you want to be left alone by them for good
speak aloud the little spell below,
then untick the tiny checkbox.
That will convince them you intend no evil.
But like I already explained...
You Better Be Quick!!!


Fairies hush
Be good now please
Let me wonder through in peace
I mean no harm to fairy kind
And will not keep what I shall find
~ Anjana ~





Do you believe in Fairies?
And don't forget, each time a child says
"I don't believe in fairies"
somewhere in this world a fairy drops dead...

So - do you believe?
Yes, with all my heart!
No, not at all
I love fairies, but I don't think they really exist
I believe, because I have seen a fairy before
I am sure my cat is chasing fairies I can't see...
Current Results


Kitten by
Makoto Muramatso






..the question now is..

Where do you want to go?

What do you wish to do next?



Read some Poetry maybe?




Or puzzle a bit?

(Java Applet)



Jewellery, Bags, Pottery,
~ unique and unusual ~
some fairy related.




You could go and
help search for our missing
Flower Fairy...



If you promise to be really quiet
you can pick up the flashlight
and follow me into the
Enchanted Forest



Or are you perhaps
a good fairy catcher..?

(sorry, closed at present due to lack of time for personalizing awards)



Hmm... maybe you are a
true Fairy Tale Lover
ready to prove it by
taking the Fairy Tale Quiz?


Come and play
memory with the fairies!
They so love that...



Or perhaps you would like to
search for fairy words?

(Java Applet)



Please help our art fairy to
restore a beautiful painting...
That would be ever so kind of you!



Could it be possible you are looking for
Blinkies and 'I believe' buttons?



This way to the
Fairy Realm's Treasure Chest



Or maybe you would like to
visit the angels...



The choice is all yours,
and when you come and visit
next time, who knows ~ there might even
be more to do and see!






Please leave a 'I fluttered by' message...
I would soooo much like to hear from you!



Or look at the guestbook?


Here you can send me an email....






Did you enjoy yourself?
If so, please consider voting for us...
The little fairy guide
(having a quick pollen shake above)
will lead you to a page
where you can find topsite lists
and other links too!




~ The Portal ~

This Fairy Realm is only one part of
a much bigger website, and should you have
entered through one of the Fairy Topsite Lists,
you might want to continue your journey
through my world by entering the above portal.
But please be aware that My Lair also contains
realms of darker nature, such as vampires and
an interactive ghost story which might not
be suitable for children...