Fairy Realm Treasure Chest






This is where the fairies and I keep
the presents we have received
from friends and visitors,
and adoptions we have found,
cherishing and honouring
every single one!






A present from Faerie Dancer!

Isn't that sweet?
(she knows I love cats...)






A dragon from Mirage!

She is ever so talented
and her globes are beautiful!!!






I loved this little balloon
and had to take it home to my fairies

..adopted from..






~ Another Beautiful Present ~

Thank You Soooo Much
Fairy Lover!!!






And this beautiful Fairy
was send buy
'Fairy Lights'

who is a friend of
'Fairy Lover'
Both visited my Fairy Realm
and what a sweet guesture to send
me this graphic and the one above
as presents for this
Treasure Page...







..adopted from..
~ Faerie Magick ~

A beautiful website!

Definitely worth a visit!!!






A wonderful award from Baya!

She is an amazing artist,
and her paintings on tree mushrooms are






A present from
~ Purple Fairy Princess ~

This is ever so special because
it was Purple Fairy Princess' first ever
self made graphic - and it became
a present for the Fairy Realm!

Thank you so much for this
amazing honour!!!







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