The Fairy Tale Quiz

How well do you know your fairy tales?
Was it a golden shoe or a shoe out of glass Cinderella lost?
Test your knowledge and see whether you can qualify
as a true fairy tale love

1. What was it the princess could still feel through all the matresses?
  A. A stone
  B. A bean
  C. A coin
  D. A pea

2. What did the princess in 'Kiss a Frog' drop into the pond?
  A. A golden crown
  B. A golden ball
  C. A golden ring
  D. A golden pen

3. How long did the princess in the original story sleep
after pricking her finger on a spindle?
  A. 10 days
  B. 10 years
  C. 100 years
  D. 1000 years

4. Which poisened fruit did Snow White eat?
  A. a pear
  B. an apple
  C. a cherry
  D. a black-berry

5. Who helped Cinderella in the original story to sort
the bad peas from the good peas?
  A. the mice
  B. the children
  C. the squirrels
  D. the doves

6. How did the prince reach Rapunzel?
  A. He used a rope
  B. He climbed the tower
  C. He used the lift
  D. He used her hair

7. What did the farmer's daughter promise Rumpelstilzchen
for his help in spinning flax into gold?
  A. Her hand in maariage
  B. Her first born child
  C. Her soul
  D. She did not promise anything

8. What did grow when Pinochio lied?
  A. His ears
  B. His feet
  C. His nose
  D. His tongue

9. A donkey, a cat, a dog and a rooster set out
to earn a living making music in which German town?
  A. Hamburg
  B. Bremen
  C. Munich
  D. Kassel

10. Complete the title of the following fairy tale
by H.C. Anderson: The Emperor's.....
  A. old clothes
  B. torn clothes
  C. new clothes
  D. colourful clothes


Walt Disney - Cinderella
Bibidi Bobidi