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Fairy Realm



So glad you have come!

Please help our Art Fairy to restore two famous paintings from
Marcel LorAnge
A bunch of naughty pixies broke into the art gallery
and cut these beautiful paintings into pieces.
They knew the Art Fairy with her magic wand would be able to repair them,
otherwise they would not have done it
(pixies are naughty, but not malicious)
still - it is a lot of work, and the Art Fairy would greatly appreciate
it if you could tell her where the pieces go.
She will summon an image of what the originals
once looked liked for you to memorize,
but once she needs to concentrate on magically glueing the pieces back together,
she can not continue showing you the image any longer.
Due to how her magick works, you also will only have a limited amount
of tries to get the pieces into the right place.
Her glue will fail if they are not positioned correctly,
and if she fails too often she has to start all over again.
(that can sometimes happen with the kind of magick used here...)
But how ever long it takes you - please try!
All the fairies and mystical creatures living in this Fairy Realm
would be ever so grateful, as one of these paintings is depicting
their most beloved hero
Hans Christian Anderson!!!
(the other one is my favourite... *smiles*)

Should you get stuck and unable to remember what an original worked on looked like,
please refresh the page or return to the Fairy Realm and then re-enter.
~ Best of Luck ~

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Hans Christian Anderson