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A. Hee

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Angel, angel from above ~
brings us kindness, brings us love..

When the world seems cruel and bleak ~
angel kin through clouds will peek ~
and as sunshine send us hope ~
helping us to deal and cope ~
with the burdens life has chosen ~
when the world seems dark and frozen ~
angels send us light and love ~

by A. Hee











Wings of shiny silver ~
The heart of purest gold ~
A soul formed out of stardust ~
A smile that won't grow old ~

The body of a tiny child ~
Eyes of sapphire blue~
A mouth as red as cherry wine ~
Speaks only kind and true ~

Feet to walk the softest clouds ~
A voice like sleigh bells ringing ~
Angel magic, sweetest hope ~
Thanks for the love you're bringing...

by A. Hee





















A tiny little devil
got all confused one day ~
It took the staircase up, not down
and climbed it all the way.

It ended up in heaven
between clouds all soft and white ~
For the tiny little devil
that was a wondrous sight!

It only new the fire
and flames ten stories high ~
It looked around and pondered
then let out a deep felt sigh..

How beautiful this heaven was
how nice to walk on clouds ~
And whilst it jumped and danced about
it drew some quite big crowds.

The raindrops and the snowflakes
some lightning and some hail
and loads of angels came to see
the guest with horns and tail..

"A devil?" mused the angels
"It must have gone astray!"
The little devil stopped and cried
and begged that it could stay.

To see the little devil
nearly dissolved in tears
did touch the angels heart and soul
and chased away their fears.

For angels are the kindest
they know no pride nor greed
and to help all other beings
stands written in their creed.

So after some discussion
how this could be achieved
they found a sound solution
to stop the devil grieve.

A halo formed from stardust
two wings of shining white
were handed to the devil
which hurrayed in great delight!

Now it could stay in heaven
forever dance and sing
and be friends with all the angels
and flap its shiny wings.

And you who doubt this story
that I did just do tell ~
Note - everything is possible
in heaven, earth and hell...

by A. Hee












~ Love and Light ~
I hope the Angels will watch over you












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