Then let me introduce you quickly to the Lair's pet demons,
MAKOTE to the left, and to your right XARAX.

were adopted by me
in the early morning hours
of the 10th of Oct 2003.
They were abandoned orphans
(demons are generally not very good at motherhood)
and in desperate need of a loving home...


Despite common lore, demons can make wonderful pets,
and they are house trainable
(well, aside from the occasional accident, which must be forgiven, after all - they are demons!)
Rumors that demons have been caught chewing neighbouring websites
are unproven and are mainly spread by true demon haters
(most of the time the same sort that does not like cats..)
It is also untrue that you need a license to keep them.
Some webhosts may request that you have your demon muzzled
when entering the public domain,
but for most parts of the www. there are no serious regulations
in place to make your life and that of your demon hell
(even though some demons prefer their lives to be hell, it reminds them of home..)
If you think you have the patience and emotional strength
to deal with an abandoned demon,
please consider adopting one.
The dungeons at the
Demon Adoption Center are cramped full,
and willing new demon mums and dads are always greeted
with a warm devilish welcome.
The rules are easy and simple to follow,
and you will be rewarded with your very own demon,
who will lovingly eat your hand or bite off your whole arm - depending
on the size of your demon, of course - while stroking him.
Visit your
Demon Adoption Center today!
Come on, give your heart a nudge,
you know it is the right thing to do.
Make room for a demon in your life!
~ I am sure you won't regret it ~

After writing the above appeal,
I felt so touched myself by the plight of these poor homeless demons,
that I had to go back to the dungeons and adopt another one.
is admittingly a bit of a bully
(and usually I hate bullies!)
but he looked at me with his big gleaming eyes and did
let out such a forlorn grunt - I had to take him home with me...
If you want to know more about my demons,
their favourite pastime hobbies, general care and so on,
please feel free to click on them, to visit them in their dens.
But be wary not to get bitten!
I will not be held responsible for any damages done to your cursor!



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