MAKOTE is a Pink Wolf Demon, vaguely related to the wolves from 'Wolfen'
(if you have never seen that movie, you have definitely missed something!)
Pink Wolf Demons are very rare, and despite their cute looks one of the
fiercest demons you can ever wish (or fear!) to meet.
They are excellent hunters and will eat anything.
They have been observed attacking much bigger demons and are generally
avoided by all creatures of the night, including werewolves,
which are of a completely different species and should never be confused.
Pink Wolf Demons tend to be social only with each other,
and might would even hunt as a pack, but due to their rarity they do
not come across others of their kind that often.
(Probably a good thing, considering how dangerous they are even on their own!)
The males of this species are blue, but share the characteristic green flames,
found dancing mainly on the tip of the ears and the tail.
During the mating season these flames will burn even fiercer
and will double the size of this particular demon.
Generally Pink Wolf Demons
(the males are of course called Blue Wolf Demons)
are not very tall, only reaching human knee height, but their terrier like attitude
gives them the much needed edge to survive in hell or any other hostile environment.
(Pink Wolf Demons class any environment a
s hostile - just for the fun of it!)



Makote's Favourite Toy

She dug it up from a graveyard..
Of course I told her off, what do you think!
But how to explain to a demon wolf
that human remains are taboo..?
You can't!!!



Makote's Bed

She has very much taken to this pillow.
In the wild she would probably curl up and
be napping on the bodies of her victims,
but there was just no way I would supply her with life bedding!
The red colour of this pillow, however,
seems to have done the trick and she is now
accepting it happily.
(What a relief..)



Makote's Favourite Realm

Believe it or not, she is all out for the politicians!
Probably because she believes they are
'wolves in sheep skin'..
or maybe the other way round..?
Anyway, she loves to bite their calves and
when they squeak - that's just double the fun!
(O, how I sometimes wish I could be a Demon Wolf, too..)



Makote's Training Progress

Ahem, rather slow, I'm ashamed to admit.
But it's just not like with a normal dog, you know.
Demon Wolfs are known to be extremely stubborn and I had to
get a heavy metal chain leash in the Googles Images Shop.

Everything else she would just chew to bits, and I have to keep
her on the leash, otherwise there would be no fairies, no dragons,
and no politicians left in the realms! (Probably not even another demon..)
I will keep trying, though, and I have decided, if by any chance I would
come across a demon puppy class, I will definitely join it.
Maybe that could help socialize her at least to a tolerable state..



Lucky Find!!!

With his unmatched talent to sniff out demons
the Demon Keeper has managed to track down a
Blue Wolf Demon for My Lair's Demon Wolf Breeding Program.
Thanks DK - that is just great!
Hope to soon have lots of demon pups hopping about here!!!




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General Advice

As with all demons, patience is a must.
You can just not expect a demon to behave in a manner suitable to join the jet set.
The moment you adopt a demon you will have to say good bye to probably quite a few of your friends, who will - after having been bitten twice hard - never return to visit you again. Do not blame your demon for that! It's your former friends fault for wanting to have your demon sit on their laps in the first place! Demons are no cuddle pets for the faint hearted. You will probably lose one or more fingers, a nose, an ear maybe, half of your scalp - there is just no saying how many parts of your body will have to be sacrificed for the pleasure and the honour of living in the company of these adorably nasty monsters!