Now here is a true demon for you - bad tempered and hellishly nasty!
Devil's Spawn Demons will always come with hairy legs and split hooves,
otherwise they are no Devil's Spawn Demons.
KALLUSUS is an exceptional wonderful example of this outstanding species,
and even though he is still quite young,
he has already developed the fiery glow so unique to his kind.
Once a race very high in population and global spread,
the Devil's Spawn Demons are now actually threatened by extinction.
One explanation for this sad dwindling of their numbers
must be the loss of faith in so many humans.
Where people once believed full heartedly in the existence of a divine God
and a (not so divine) Devil, you will now find atheism, buddhism and agnosticism.
Devil's Spawn Demons depend on humans who still believe in the
simple divisions of good and evil, black and white, nice or ugly.
They can not exist in a world of tolerance, growing knowledge,
independent thought and Darwinism.
They need human fear, ignorance and religion, and efforts are
undertaken by special protection groups
(Islamic Extremists and right wings Christians needing a special mention here)
to reintroduce all of this back into society.




Kallusus's Favourite Bed

The same as most Devil's Spawn Demons, Kallusus does
love his home comforts. He wants it warm and cosy, and if
the pillow does not mould around his horns exactly how he wants
it to, he will tear it to bits. (Costs a lot of money having to replace
these pillows on a regular base, you know! Why can't anybody design
a pillow especially shaped for the needs of a horned demon?!)
Kallusus sleeps a lot, due to a lack of energy.
I am afraid he might never will grow to full adulthood
if there is no change in human society back towards
the good old values of global religious tyranny and oppression.




Kallusus's Favourite Hobby

Watching TV.
He likes horror movies, but his true love
are political debates. He believes politicians could
actually be the saviours of the Devil's Spawn Demon race.
If modern humans refuse to be afraid of God and Devil,
maybe their political leaders can fill the vacuum.
He has seen very encouraging developments, he insists!




KALLUSU's Favourite Realm

What a question - that would have to be the Dark Realm, of course!
Kallusus hates fairies and dragons, and he is afraid of the politicians,
because he fears they might will start bothering him
with question how they can sell their souls to him.
(Because he is only a very young Devil's Spawn Demon,
and an abandoned orphan with no connections, too,
he does not posses any powers to grant evil wishes, yet.)
That only leaves the Dark Realm.
Kallusus is all in all a very sociable demon,
and aside from his hellish temper quite a good sport.
He loves mixing with other demons, and
if you don't mind being hurled through the room whenever
you dare to disagree with any of his views -
you might even could find a real bad friend in him..!




And WHO the hell is this???

Well, when I went to go and pick Kallusus up,
I was not even aware this one was sneaking along, too.
Crafty little hell-hound!!!
As I have found out in the meantime, his name is
KinkerSmell, and he
had formed a strong bond with Kallusus whilst being caged up
in the dungeons of the Adoption Center.
(Told you, Devil's Spawn Demons are sociable!)
KinkerSmell seems to be a mongrel. As far as I can tell,
quite a few different demon dog species must be held responsible
for creating this sweet ugly little beast.
I definitely have never come across one quite like
him before, have you?
However, he lives here now with Kallusus,
sleeps on his bed and curls up on his lap.
How cute - my pet demon has a pet demon!!!



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General Advice

As with all demons, patience is a must.
You can just not expect a demon to behave in a manner suitable to join the jet set.
The moment you adopt a demon you will have to say good bye to probably quite a few of your friends, who will - after having been bitten twice hard - never return to visit you again. Do not blame your demon for that! It's your former friends fault for wanting to have your demon sit on their laps in the first place! Demons are no cuddle pets for the faint hearted. You will probably lose one or more fingers, a nose, an ear maybe, half of your scalp - there is just no saying how many parts of your body will have to be sacrificed for the pleasure and the honour of living in the company of these adorably nasty monsters!





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