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Do you know why we fear the darkness so much?

Well, let me tell you..
One good explanation could be,
because our ancestors did fear the night, and they did fear it badly..
Cavemen were well advised to stay near to their fires
and in their shelters when night fell,
because the darkness surrounding them was filled with wild animals,
most of them fearsome and out for a quick meal.
The brave ones, the ones that did not stay in their caves
and instead ventured out into the night despite the screaming and
weird multiple noises - these cavemen never did live long enough to reproduce,
and so they did not pass their 'fearless' genes on to us.

( to put it bluntly)
makes us actually the offspring of a bunch of wimpy cowards...


But you don't want to be the offspring of some ancestral coward, right?
You want to explore the night!
And anyway, now that you know that the reason for your fear is an
inherited instinct, you think you do not have to be afraid anymore, correct?
No wild animals left - you will be perfectly safe out there.


Poor unknowing soul, you ~ please listen to my warning!
Sabertooth Cats might have died out long ago,
but their place has since been taken by much more gruesome
creatures.. wilder.. hungrier.. and totally unwilling to grant any mercy .
These creatures are the stuff our nightmares are made out of.
We watch them in horror movies for a quick thrill,
before we return back to our tidy little living rooms,
convinced that what we just watched was only fiction.
But are these creatures really only a figure of someone's pervert imagination?
Can you be certain that what you have seen on your screen
is truly just an illusion created by some talented make-up artist,
with no roots embedded in the reality of the night out there?
I would not be so sure... I would not be so sure at all...........



Entrance to the interactive Horror Story can be gained
through the door near the bottom of this page,
but first some other FUN stuff...



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My Place In Hell

Halaku: The Slayers
After God created man and woman he returned to Heaven,
his labors complete... leaving death and decay to follow in his wake.
The Slayers were the angels of mortality, tending to those who had passed.
Now they're masters of spirit who can raise ghosts,
reap souls from living bodies or trap them in vessels of their infernal choosing.
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Please don't dare venture on, stranger,
or you might will meet the same fate the fearless,
but stupid caveman once did...

Venture on, you misguided soul,
and your genes might be lost forever too.....


Once you have set foot through this door
your pitiful existence will count for nothing anymore

The first page of the interactive horror story
contains rapidly flashing lights.
Anybody effected by such lights should




..or if you are too scared..
put your trust in TOLOMS
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