A Word Of Advice...

Please give the pages of this interactive Horror Story time to FULLY load.
If you don't, you might miss vital clues, important to your proceeding.
You have to find hidden messages,
which means you MUST run your cursor over objects
and the creatures you meet, and even right click the pages to reveal hints.
When you move your cursor over something that turns your
arrow into a hand - stay on it for a while.
The image hidden might need some time to load,
depending on your connection speed.
I hope I have not made it too complicated,
and if you manage to survive to the end - there will be an
award waiting for you.
If you survive, that is.....
Why not try to right-click here?
Might already a message be waiting for you...


Have lots of gruesome fun!!!




 Or Rather Escape While You Still Can?




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