~ Security Issues ~

Security is of course very very important.
There is not much I can tell you if you are
truly worried about whether your details
will be kept safe or whether you will ever
receive your items after having sent your cheque.
All I can say is that your information
(meaning name, home and email address)
will not knowingly be forwarded to a 3rd person,
nor will I keep this information for any
undue amount of time.
As to receiving items...
I want my creations enjoyed,
worn/displayed and used.
Taking your money and not delivering
the purchased goods would be a silly
thing to do from my point of view,
because the moment you wear and display
my creations I might gain new costumers
if others like what they see on you or in your home.
That is much more important to me
then banking a few cheques and afterwards
having to change my email address
or even having to close down my website...
I dearly hope you will like what you
buy from me and that it will bring
you joy and happiness.
"3 fold you shall receive what
you have given - in good or in bad
If I can give happiness, then I have
served this world well.
There is nothing more I can add to convince
you that my intentions are honorable.
The decision whether you want to
trust me does lie with you...

~ Blessed Be ~


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