~ Jewellery ~

All jewellery on this page has been designed
and lovingly handmade by me
using fine quality materials.

But even though I try to use nickel free components
there is never a full guarantee for a zero nickel content,
which means - if you are allergic against nickel - you might
rather not chance it

Should you find something here you like and wish
to purchase, please email me and include
the little code number under the pictures
so that I know which items you are interested in.

If you are in any doubt about ordering from me,
please go to the bottom of this page and click
on the mushroom next to the word 'security'.
I hope what you will find there will ease
any worries you might have,
or contact me if you have additional questions.

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I hope you will like what you find!


~ Dancing Cherub ~

# CH 1
(click image for larger photo)
This choker and earring set is a true delight!
I love angels and this one is absolutely adorable...
The organza ribbon shimmers in a
vibrant hot pink adorned
with 3 little fabric roses, from which dangles
a little cherub free moving over a filigree heart.
To finish this set off it also includes a pair of cute
earrings featuring the same fabric roses
and beads as the choker does.
The choker will fit from 11 inches to 14 inches
neck size, thanks to a clasp and chain.
This is really lovely and looks truly
stunning on the neck!

Price £ 13
 (please read here for P&P; costs)



~ The Frog Prince ~

# CH 2
(click image for lager photo)
One of my designs inspired by fairytales...
How many frogs must a girl kiss before
one turns out to be a prince?
Well, this frog on a leave is definitely sweet
enough to deserve attention!
The frog is sparkling with little glued on rhinestones,
and sitting on his leave he is looking at a
shimmery light green pearl bead
and a white fabric flower.
Included is a pair of elegant pearl bead earrings,
and whether you are looking for a prince
or simply like frogs - this choker will not disappoint you!
Will fit neck from 11 inches to 14 inches.

Price £11
 (please read here for P&P; costs)



Memory Wire

Memory wire chokers do not lie on
as tight as the ribbon ones do
(if you don't like wearing ribbon chokers)
The wire stays in shape and is very light.
I secure my beads so that they don't
'wander' up the wire where they could
end up getting lost.
A very elegant form of jewellery,
and very feminine!
Will fit almost every neck size,
and not just that -
That looks absolutely stunning too!
Very 'elfish'...
I am posting a picture here of me and my set,
just to show what it looks like

(the two dots between my eyebrows are my piercing)
(the choker sits above that *s*)


~ Autumn Delight ~

# MCH 1
This is a beautiful set,
including a choker, earrings,
and even a belly button dangle
to combine with your existing naval bar!
The picture does not do it justice...
The beads used for this set have a
kind of 'christmassy' look to them,
shimmering in red and gold,
almost like bobbles on a tree.
Very elegant!

~ the above set has been sold ~



~ Summer Breeze ~

# MCH 2
(click image for larger photo)
Choker and matching earrings set,
featuring white millefiori drops.
The dainty flowers that have
been painted on these drops
(in green and pink)
give this set a very light
and summery feel,
at least in my opinion.
Puffed silvery hearts and a
victorian style flower connector
add additional playfulness.
It is a beautiful set,
especially for fairy and flower lovers,
making me dream of lying in a
sun flooded meadow, watching butterflies
dance, while listening out for the
joy filled laughter of the tiny winged folk...

(this set might not be suitable for wearing tiara style)
(considering the size of the millefiori drop)
(but it surely makes a wonderful choker/necklace)

Price £9.50

(please read here for P&P; costs)



~ Pretty In Pink ~

(click image for larger photo)
This set also comprises a choker,
a pair of earrings and a cute
dragonfly belly button dangle.
The pink hearts and pink crystal beads
make this set a must have for
anybody who loves it 'girly',
but still wants to show elegance...

Price £ 11
(please read here for P&P; costs)



~ The Wood Nymph ~

(click image for larger photo)
I love this set...
And anybody wanting to show
they have a special bond with nature
and the spirits of the forest
will hopefully agree with me.
The beads used in this set are
real wood, and I have kept it simple
on purpose, not to take attention
away from this beautiful gift of
mother nature and her wonderful
children, the trees.
As with all wooden items,
one should thank the trees when
first wearing this set.
That might sound silly,
but I do believe in this.....

Price £10
(please read here for P&P; costs)



~ A Fairy Tale ~

# MCH 5
(click image for larger photo)
Yes, another frog!
And what a gorgeous set this is...
It does not include a belly button dangle,
but the choker is very ellaborate
and truly beautiful, so are the earrings.
This frog is not sparkling with rhinestones,
but the beads shimmer and sparkle enough
to make this set a real eye-catcher!
You want to be different?
This set is definitely a step in that direction...

Price £ 10
(please read here for P&P; costs)


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