~ My Warmest Welcome ~

Owner of the Fairy Shop

I am so glad you have come to visit me!
And that you did not get lost in the woods...

What you will find here are my creations,
unique and lovingly handmade,
ideal as a treat for oneself or as a present.

I design jewellery, pottery and small bags.

Unfortunately I am only able to sell to
UK costumers at present,
though this might will change in the future
should I find signing up with PayPal or similar
is worth it, but for the moment I can only
take cheques in British Pounds.
Ever so sorry about that...

To navigate is easy enough.

Below you will find some magic mushrooms.

Click on the mushroom of your choice to look
at what this shop has to offer you.

Where ever you decide to go in this shop,
there will always be those magic mushrooms
at the bottom of each page, ready to
'transport' you further or back,
depending what you wish to do.

I hope your stay will be a joyous one!

~ Many Fairy Blessings ~


Under Construction, but coming soon!





The Fairy Shop © A. Hee 2004