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Why is honey golden?


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Want to know how well these two below really fit together?
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But remember - this is only for fun!
Don't divorce your other half if the result does not look good

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 The New King Kong?


 Warning For Witches!

 Maybe a lost cause...

How Mean!!!
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 Yip - couldn't agree more...

 nomen est omen?

Think of the kittens!!

panic button

The settings you never get to choose...

Every guys dream..??

Workmen these day, eh..? tz tz tz...

Someone having a bad day

Sweet dreams or rather.. uhm.. nightmares..?

Nope, this chap does not have it easy...

 Save The Antilope!!
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Why are we doing this to ourselves..?
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Law and uhh.. order...

Danger Zone
(how do you save yourself?!)




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Male friendship - and how far it can go...

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Never underestimate a woman
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Isn't it great to be a woman?
(if you are one... hehehe... sorry guys)
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