A Real Angel !
Please shine your light only gentle on her
We do not want to disturb her.. She looks as if she is having a nice dream
...I only hope these pixies won't upset her...
....Ever such curiuos creatures....



The Fairies Claim She Fell Out Of The Heavens
But You Can't Always Believe What These Fairies Are Saying
Sometimes They Are Having You On...


Personally I Believe She Has Been Sent To Protect The Enchanted Forest
Mystical Woods Need All The Protection They Can Get
They Have Become Rare Places...

I Know In My Heart She Is Here To Help Us
And That Peace Will Reign From Now On And Hopefully Forever
....Because Now We Have An Angel In Our Midst..







Please Take The Flashlight Back To
Where You Picked It Up

~ The Fairy Realm ~

~ The Portal Page ~

So That I Might Can Guide Others Through
The Enchanted Forest Too....





Nintendo 64

Zelda ~ Ocarina of Time
The Fairy Fountain


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