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1.oct 2003
website launch

new hidden page added
(won't tell you where to find it, look for yourself!)
private cave enlarged

politicians realm is here!
(the portal)

dove of peace has flown in - take her with you!
home page tidy up

my diary up and running
new link added - DRAKEN -brilliant website!
(favourite links, portal)

first part of the fairy realm uploaded

10. of oct to the 14. of oct
Well, I have adopted 4 Demons
(displayed on home page)
one Nytemare and one Lost Soul
(both to be found - my hidden personal den)

I like them all and they are here to stay!
I also have been out hunting graphics for
the Dark Realm, which is definitely in the planning stage.
( I hope to make it an interactive realm, but have still not
found quite the right background idea for it.. Hope it will wo
rk somehow!)

I also thought the homepage was to long,
so I split it into two seperate pages.

One is now HOME,
the other one is
(Hope that will reduce loading time)
AND I came across a new HTML code,
a really funny one, which I want to
use in the Dark Realm, too, once I get to it!!!
(What ever I am brabbeling on about here,
can be found on my Nightly-All-Sorts-Chaos page.
You know - once it bit you..)

Wizard's Quest page up
(bottom of voting page - click my newly adopted wizard HALLALLI)

Dark Realm finally ready
(entrance together with the other realms - the portal)

My first doll!!! Flame Vampi!!!
(she is now replacing my flame demon on some of the pages
and can also be found on other 'stratigic' points..)

But it all ended in tears when my host
somehow deleted the old subdomain..
Loads of emailing back and forth
before everything was okay again.
Enjoy viewing without the adds!!!

24.oct to 29.oct
The Cosmic Realm is uploaded
and connected now
(entrance with the other realms - the portal)
I also have my own graphics for adoption ready
(called Graphic Realm - the portal)
And I have written something about 'Wanderers',
the theory on Alien Souls by Mendelker..
(hidden cave)
My new doll, replacing Flame Vampi.
Quite pleased with the result..

Second page of the Fairy Realm uploaded

Major reshuffle through introducing
(which has also led to me having to edit this whole diary..)

Dragon Realm done up completely new
with lots more pages and graphics
(most graphics for the taking..!)

Countdown inserted - Christmas!
(Index page)
New Game uploaded - 'Simon says',
but therefore I did remove Rural Racer.
Was not happy the way the .exe file loaded..
(Games Realm - the portal)

7.nov to 8.nov

A walk through the Enchanted Woods.
To find the One who came from the Heavens..
('pick' up the flashlight you find on the portal page)

Email Appeal for Thomas..
Tragic times where a little nine year old boy
can not even go and ride his bike anymore
without having to fear for his life!


Emails from all over the world for Thomas keep arriving!
This is wonderful and everybody participating deserves a huge


Email Appeal for Thomas is closed.
The little boy shall look forward now, not backwards..
Introduction of another award that can be won.
Email me the name of the building!
(homepage - awards - click red spot)

Mystical Realms Spirit Page
Wizard's Quest Spirit Page enlargered even more
(the portal)

More graphics to adopt!
(graphic realm)

Blinkies up for adoption!
(graphic realm)

Christmas is near..
So, I am working on loads of graphics
- all free for the taking -
for who ever likes them and wants
to stick them in their emails
or 'sparkle' up their websites.
The page is nearly ready for
uploading, just a few more bits and pieces,
so - if you are interested in
Christmas backgrounds and graphics -
come back soon and check them all out!

Christmas Page uploaded
(entry on index page - click Santa)

I have changed the Index page.
There is now a devil and an angel Mistress move-over effect!
Next step - to have the devil leading to the 'dark' homepage,
while the angel will be leading to the 'angelic' homepage.
What ever entrance visitors choose, they will get to
~ The Portal ~
but the 'greeting' will be different, and the angelic page
will not feature my pet demons, but some cute angels.
(including an angelic award, similar to the wolf demon theme)

The Angel Realm is now open!

Big make-over of 'THE PORTAL'. All new graphics.
I also changed the background of the Fairy Realm.

Vampire Realm is open!
By far not complete yet, still a looooot of work, but open!
(entrance on portal page)

2.jan 2004
We've got a nursery!
(no baby yet, though...)
Must submit the adoption request first.
Gonna do that in a minute...

18.jan 2004
Sorry, but there have not been any major updates
recently, only smaller ones, like changing a
graphic here and there. But I will get on to it again.
There is still soooooo much I want to have in here!
Just need to find the time... *s*

6.feb 2004
Finally a proper new update!
A new page for the
~ Enchanted Forest ~
(pick up the flashlight you find on the Portal page...)
Can you help the Troll to solve the riddle???

15.feb 2004
I did add a link to Nissa's Realm.
Anybody loving fairies and pink
should definitely visit her little
corner of the web! *s*
(link can be found towards the bottom of the Portal Page)

3.march 2004
A new look for my index page,
also some changes to my home page
and so on...
Nothing majorly new, but I will update,

16.march 2004
Two pages full of Horror graphics uploaded,
but one must first survive the
Dark Realm
to get to these pages
*evil grin*

3.april 2004
Yeah - a whole lot of 'I believe' buttons,
but these are for vampires, demons and werewolves -
not for fairies... lol
(to be found in the Vampire Realm)
Well, and I had to remove the
Wizard's Quest approval banner.
What a wonderful competition and how
sad it had to close......

6.april 2004
I have changed the Dark Realm about.
All important links are now available
without having to survive the Haunted Mansion.
I also added a page for spooky midis!
Secondly - the Vampire Realm has another page...
~ Myth or Reality ~
But it is not what one might expects...

7.april 2004
My own Topsite List!
Can't get the background to show yet *sigh*
but still - yippee!!

14.april 2004
Got a tagboard now (hint hint... lol)
I also introduced spooky fonts into the
Dark Realm, which can/should be uploaded
to make the Dark Realm even more fun (hehehe)
And I got an award from Linda's Haunted Halloween!
Yeah - that was a lovely surprise!!! *s*

15.april 2004
I have added a few new blinkies to the Graphics Realm

17.april 2004
Some beauty changes to the Fairy Realm,
mainly backgrounds and a few new graphics *s*

18.april 2004
The Darkrealm has a spooky puzzle (hehehe)
But it is a Java Applet, and one needs to
have a browser capable of dealing with it
(sorry to everybody who hasn't...)
The next in planning is to get the same
kind of puzzle (different images of course!)
done for the Fairy Realm *s*

19.april 2004
The Fairy Realm has new pages,
and is all in all completely reorganized
with an award and games.
The Politicians Realm offers rewards
for participating form now on *grins*
The Vampire Realm has also a puzzle.
Well, and I have introduced a box
into the index page giving details
for newest updates...

20.april 2004
And even more upgrades!
Another game for the Fairy Realm,
and a game based on the same HTML code,
but done differently for the Vampire Realm...

24.april 2004
Another topsite list, this one for fairy sites.
Please consider joining if you have a site that fits in its content.
The voting button can be found at the bottom
of my Fairy Realm's main page,
but be aware, by clicking on it you are casting a vote
for the Fairy Realm *s*

4.may 2004
Two new games for the Fairy Realm
One is a quiz, the other one
a word-search applet

5/6.may 2004
Drop down question and answer menu for
the Cosmic Realm installed.
Plus a page for alien 'I-believe' buttons
(more buttons in planning *s*)

7.may 2004
A few more alien I-believe buttons
added to the Cosmic Realm

12.may 2004
A links page added to the Vampire Realm.
Do you fancy a cup of tea with a vampire..?

13.may 2004
Alien abduction poll added to the Cosmic Realm

14.may 2004
Another q/a drop down menu which can be
found on the 'home' page.
It's called Think Twice and is meant to
help fight at least some of the prejudices about.
I hope it's not sounding 'preachy' like,
because I hate to preach...
But I had the idea for it and hope it has turned out alright *s*

15.may 2004
The Fairy Realm has it's own poll now,
it's own guestbook and a treasure page *s*

27.may 2004
Pet Dungeons added to the Darkrealm.

29.may 2004
New look for the Portal Page.
All portals are now a lot smaller, but I hope
that will improve loading times.
(I am on a slow dial-up myself and know the pain...)
I also changed the music and some other stuff.
Ever wandered why honey is yellow?
Look for the little beehive on the home page
and you find a rather unexpected explanation

30.may 2004
The page about me has two new photos
which were actually taken today...
I hate having pictures taken!
But I needed a few photos for my best friend.
I had promised to send her some
(we haven't seen each other for ages *sniff*)
Well, and once the pics were there,
I decided to replace the one I had put on this site,
because that one was already 3 years old.....

1.june 2004
A new realm!
All sorts curious and funny...
(well... and naughty *grins*)
And while I was on it, some cosmetic changes
to other pages too.

2.june 2004
One new alien I believe button
(Cosmic Realm)
And one new vampire I believe button
(Vampire Realm)
Also a few more stuff put into
the new Curiosity Realm *s*
And.... a new award!!!
Heavens - I am proud of that one... lol
Sorry, usually I am not that vain,
but that award has me all proud and exited!!!

28.june 2004
Okay, I admit - I have been lazy!
No updates for quite a while,
even though I have loads of stuff ready,
but sorry - have been totally lost in the
Realms of eBay!!!
Got myself totally addicted to Peruvian Jewellery
and if you want to check out what I am talking about
just click the banner below.

Some really beautiful necklaces and bracelets!!!
But tonight I have decided to be good and
put at least some new stuff up,
wich means the Curiosity Realm has two new funnies *s*
(how do you like the above banner?)
(I did that one... lol... because the lady selling that jewellery is really nice)
(and no - I don't get any money for promoting her)
(I just love the jewellery she sells, that's all!!!)
 You're at the bottom!

17.july 2004
Okay, what did I do today...
(aside from being upset that my email doesn't work)
The Cosmic Adoption page and the Fairy Realm Main page
both had a script added, which makes images
'chase' after the cursor.
That is really kewl! Love it!!!
But read the warnings provided....
There is a bit of a catch to that script.......
Otherwise - there is a brilliant game in the
Curiosity Realm waiting for anybody who wants
to check how good they can memorize things.
That one is evil!!! But fun (hehehe)
Found loads of new scripts to play about with,
some are games for the Games Realm, others are effects,
so there is hopefully lots of new stuff coming soon!

18.july 2004
Another 'cosmetic' change because I found such
a kewl script, and if ya wanna know what that script does -
go to the Darkrealm and find the door that leads to
the interactive horror story...
But be careful!
Not good for people effected by flashing lights!!!

20.july 2004
Lods of new quizzes *s*
(Curiosity Realm)




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