So, you don't wanna listen to me, right?
You want to continue, even though I have warned you.
Well, I have tried to be nice to you.. Can't do more than that.
Here we go then - let the nightmare begin!



"HELP", you cry, "FIRE!!!"

You were on your way back home from a friends party,
maybe you had one too many to drink,
maybe you were tiered, however,
you were stupid enough to fall asleep on the wheel.
Now you got to pay the price for your carelessness!
The flames are everywhere, the car is already engulfed,
and you can smell the first stink of burning hair and flesh.
If you don't get out of here quickly, it will be your certain death, roasted alive!!!
The door is bent from the impact of the accident, but fortunately
the side window is broken, and you struggle through it.
Dizzy from the smoke you drag your bruised body
away from the furious flames until you have reached safety.
You sink down and draw a few painful breaths into your tortured lunges.
There are countless cuts on your face and on your arms,
but all in all you seem to have managed to survive in one peace.
Still, you will need to find help, but it is late at night,
your mobile is still in the car, melting... and the road lies abandoned.
Rain has started to fall, and when the drops hit the fire, it sizzles like a barbeque.

"I must find a phone", you think, desperate to call an ambulance.
But where..?

You look around and spot a light in the distance.
It seems there is a house.
You get back on your feet and you start walking down a
rugged dirt road towards the eerie shine that gleams in the distance..










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