The moment you slam the
big doors shut,
you know you have made
a mistake.

This is not the sanctury you
have been looking for..

This is not the peace
you hoped so much to find..



A creature of terrible beauty
is residing in this temple,
surrounded by an aura of such evil,
it has even corrupted the air itself.
Each breath you take fills your
lunges with its hellish madness,
spreading disease within your body
and making you feel ill and weak.

This will be your final test,
and you know it.

The creature does not speak,
but it is messing with your mind,
probing around in your thoughts,
making you all confused.

What was it you had to remember?
Surely you could not have
forgotten it, could you?
Your survival depends on it!

But what was it?

Something about the one that
does not point..

Or did it point?

Hell - what is this Devil's Spawn doing to you?!

You must remember!





And then you see what might could be your savior..




On a wall to your left you spot a collection of weapons.
The beast is still confusing your thoughts,
but you gather the last strength left in your body
and concentrate as hard as you can.
Words form in your head...
Words once spoken to you...
Words of great importance...
You... you remember...!
And now you know what you have to do!!!









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