You have torn the silver shield
of the wall just in time ~ for the
now flies at you with all its fury!
All you can do is hold up the shield,
and even though you wonder
how it shall save you,
your trust lies with the Reaper.
A less courageous soul than you
would probably have picked a sword
or the ball-chain for its more fearsome looks,
but not you.
Brave you stand up to the
with nothing in your hands but this shield,
hoping the Reaper did not mislead you.

You hear the
hissing and spitting,
furiously trying to get to you behind the shield,
but all its violent attempts are in vain...
the shield holds, and not only that!

The shield is reflecting all the evil power back to the
wearing it down with its own
devastating weapon!

The gruesome attacks you had to endure
are getting less and less forceful,
until they cease completely.



You dare to send a glimpse over the rim
of your shield and see the
is falling to dust.



You think down on the cold marble floor, more exhausted than you have ever been in your whole life. You can not believe that this nightmare shall have come to an end,
but the air feels clean now, all the evil has vanished.
You can give yourself and your body some rest now,
and before you know it, you glide gently into a deep much deserved sleep, sourrounded by nothing but peaceful darkness..






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