Please protect this planet
Don't forget ~ as far as we know it is unique
and deserves all our love and respect




Starship Enterprise, Star Wars, Galactica...
and I can not even begin to name all the other Sci-Fi series
and movies made about this one amazing subject:
The world beyond or own planet...
The stars and galaxies...
Black holes and quasars... Supernovas and nebulas...

This realm is dedicated to the world out there ~ the Cosmos,
the universe, the space, or how ever else you prefer to name it,
and all its breath taking beauty.
When ever I look up to the stars at night (and I do so often)
I feel tears filling my eyes, and I wish I could fly...
travel through this seemingly endless space...
exploring all the wonders this fascinating universe has to offer...

And tonight we shall do just that
- travel together -
for an unforgettable journey is waiting,
so hold on to my 'Mighty Dragon' because he shall
take you and me on a ride of a lifetime...





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"Come with me and let us explore the stars
and all their many amazing wonders!
My wings shall spread wide and carry you to places
no human has ever been before.
You shall be stunned and overwhelmed
by the beauty awaiting you!
But you will have to bring a bit of time with you,
as one can not hurry through what lies beyond
the gates of ones own tiny world..."





Some Solar System FAQs

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More Solar and Planetary Data

How Far From The Sun
Length Of a 'Year'
1392000 km
ca. 870000 miles
4879 km
ca. 3049 miles
.387 AU
88 days
12104 km
ca. 7565 miles
.723 AU
225 days
12756 km
ca. 7972 miles
1 AU
365 days
6794 km
ca. 4246 miles
1.524 AU
1 year 321 days
142980 km
ca. 89362 miles
5.203 AU
11 years 314 days
120540 km
ca. 75337 miles
9.555 AU
29 years 153 days
51120 km
ca. 31950 miles
19.218 AU
83 years 274 days
49530 km
ca. 30956 miles
30.110 AU
163 years 266 days
2300 km
ca. 1437 miles
39.545 AU
248 years 11 days

Alpha Centauri
next closest star to our sun
4.3 light years
a light year being the distance a beam of light travels in one year
about 9.46 million million km

One AU (Astronomical Unit) = 149,597,871 km
Conversion of km to miles roughly based on 1.6 km to 1 mile



Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:





Do you believe in alien abduction?
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No, not for a second
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Cosmic and Alien




There is still much more in planning for this realm,
so do check back if you are interested in
the wonders of the universe,
alien theories and facts about planet Earth...





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