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Fairy Realm
15th of May 2004
Vampire Realm
2nd of June 2004
Dark Realm
27th of May 2004
Dragon Realm
not recently
Angel Realm
not recently
Cosmic Realm
2nd of June 2004
Nightly All Sorts Chaos
not recently
Politicians Realm
19th of April 2004
Graphics Realm
15th of April 2004
Games Realm
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Curiosity Realm
1st of June 2004





This Flame Of Compassion
shall burn here and send light to the troops,
aid workers, journalists and civilians of all nationalities
trapped in this terrible conflict in Iraq.
May a peaceful resolution be found soon...





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To end the discrimination
My Lair offers 'I believe' buttons
not just for fairies - but also for vampires
and other creatures of the night!
If interested - visit the Vampire Realm





~ New ~
I believe buttons for aliens
can now be picked up in the
Cosmic Realm





This banner is an appeal for open mindedness
and I support with all my heart what it stands for
even though I am not a wiccan or pagan follower.




proud member of
since May 2004


Due to the wicked evil that is haunting
My Lair's Darkrealm - My Lair was allowed to join
Topsite List
*smiling proudly*











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