You are out in the fresh air again.
What a relief...
A moment longer in that grave, and the stink
of the rotting souls would probably have suffocated you.
You find a vampire playing with one of his bats,
but he ignores you, too busy with his game.
You still haven't given up hope you might could just simply escape,
but as you try to move away from the horror house,
you are faced with a hungry vampiress.



There is just no way you will make it in the open,
not with that Lady chasing you for a meal,
most of all not if her bat-mad husband should decide
to join into the fun, too..
You have got to find shelter!
But can you get back to the mansion in time,
before the vampiress will suck you dry?
No, the mansion looms on the other side of the graveyard,
to far to make it..

Desperate for escape you look around and spot a temple-like building.
That could just be the hiding place you need so much right now.
The vampiress is almost snapping at your heels,
and so you haste up the steps to the temple,
tearing the heavy doors open,
then throwing them shut again,
hoping at last you might find a moment rest,
and a chance to catch your breath..
















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