After you have walked down the long hallway,
you enter a room that greets you with the warmth of a crackling fire.
You also find a beautiful young woman standing in the room,
who - you assume - must be the little girl's governess.
She has not seen you yet, so you clear your throat with a slight cough
to make her aware of your presence.
That makes her turn to you and smile,
a smile as warm and friendly as the room itself.
"How nice", she says. "We do not often have guests.
But what has happened to you? An accident?
O, how terrible! I had an accident myself a while ago,
and ever since I am suffering from these dreadful headaches!"

You have moved closer, to politely shake her hand,
but the moment you touch her cold fingers - ihhh - what a terrible sight!


That Lady is literally losing her head!

Your stomach turns violently.
"This is not possible!" you shout. "Get away from me!"
But the Lady's head smiles and asks:
"What is not possible? That I had my head cut off?
My employees thought that would suit me rather well."

Now she is trying to grab hold of you with her dead cold fingers,
and you realize, that if you don't run now,
it will be forever too late!
You flee in terror towards the door, but the door has fallen shut,
and you can not see another exit.

The windows are bared, and. SHE. is coming closer and closer!

And just when you think it can not get any worse,
three more ghosts appear!
They are growing out off the floorboards right in front of you,

ALL of them trying to catch you - all of them screaming:

"Come with me! Trust me! I am the one! My hand will lead you to safety!"


You try to hold on to your last bit of sanity,
but it is hard under these circumstances.
All four are chasing you through the room now,
and you know you will not be able to run from them forever.
As crazy as this seems, you must come to a decision...




So - who do you trust?
The Reaper, the Demon, or the Skull?
One of them will lead you to safety,
the other two will lead you to disaster..







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