The Reaper has saved you!

You have chosen wisely.
He is a friendly ghost,
and rather upset with the on goings in this terrible house.
He informs you there is a great evil living
within these walls and in the gardens.
It has corrupted nearly all other souls
dwelling in this mansion.
To escape you will have to show great courage and cleverness.
Only a heart that is strong and a mind that is alert will prevail.
He has high hopes in you,
but insists he can not help you further,
because otherwise the curse can not be broken.
The burden of saving all the lost souls and your
own rests entirely on your poor shoulders.

Only this warning - in form of a riddle - will the
Reaper leave with you:


"Do not trust the old ones word.
If you do, you will get hurt.
Choose the one that's on the right
Of the one he tells you, might
slays the beast and all its terror -
remember this and make no error!


You promise to remember these words,
despite the fact that you do not have the
slightest clue what they mean.

Then the Reaper leaves,
abandoning you in this house of horror,
with no other weapon in your hand, but a candle...



You take the candle and continue on your journey..




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