As the door opens, you gasp a breath - wow!
You had never expected this decade old mansion to be this roomy!
But that is not your only surprise..
You find a little girl standing in the hallway,
holding a cat clutched to her chest.
The cat looks somewhat dead, and it smells already too,
but then you think your mind might be playing tricks on you.
After all, you had a serious accident,
you are exhausted and probably under shock.
That cat is not a cat, you decide, but a worn old soft-toy.
Obviously the little girls favourite..


"Where are your parents?" you ask the little angel.
"Can you bring me to them?"


The little girl seems to ponder over that question
for a moment, then she answers:

"My parents are decomposable at the moment.
I will not be able to lead you to them.
But if you follow this hallway all the way down,
you should find my governess.
She might be able to help you further."


Decomposable.. You have to hide a little snigger.
Indisposable, she meant, of course.
Children always got words mixed up.
But at least the cute thing did point you in the direction
of someone who should be able to help you,
even though you had rather spoken to the
Lord and the Lady of the house.





You follow the little girls direction down the hallway









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