The moon and the clouds are your only companions
while you tumble on, hurting and exhausted,
towards the cold blue light you have seen gleaming in the far.
The path is rough and overgrown.
More than once you have caught your foot on rocks and strange vines.
"How much further", you ask, while you fight your way on,
and you are afraid you might not make it at all.
Well, at least the rain has eased.
Therefore the wind has picked up,
pulling on the fringes of your torn shirt,
cooling you out and making you shiver.

Finally you reach a pair of gates,
surrounded by dead and rather spooky looking trees.
Their dried up branches seem to point to the heavens
as if they try to reach for salvation,
praying to a God that has long forgotten its tormented creatures.

You don't have a good feeling about this.
Who ever lives here does obviously not get many visitors,
considering the bad state the road, the trees,
and even the gates are in.
Shall you proceed?
Well, you don't really have a choice, have you..









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