Your candle got blown out by a sudden gust of wind.
You find yourself in complete darkness.
Wary you start sliding you fingers over the walls,
which feel wet and rough.
It seems you are in an underground tunnel,
carved out of rock.
All your senses are on high alert.
The words of the reaper are still echoing through your mind.
It all seems too crazy to truly be happening.
Is this a nightmare or is this reality?
You can not tell, but you know you want to survive.
Your body might be bruised and tiered,
but your will is determined to get you through this.

Suddenly your fingers slide over something smooth.
The rock here has been polished,
and you can feel letters engraved, too. They read:

'7 Graves You Will Find
Do Not Wake The Dead Who Know No Mercy
Count 5 And Then 2 Back
From There Go Forward 3
Knock On The Door And It Will Open!'


After reading and remembering the words in stone,
you carefully feel your way forward in the dark,
until you see stars twinkling and you know,
you have reached the end of the tunnel








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