After taking the tunnel to the right,
you end up in a room with walls
made out of tortured souls.
It stinks terrible in here,
and the screaming is nearly unbearable!


You would really rather leave,
but the remains of an old man block your way,
an insane grin on the rotting face.

"You are the savior, aren't you?"
he asks, his eyes gleaming with joy.
"Long have we waited for you, o so long..
o so long.. for you to free us all!"

He grabs your hand and shakes it violently.

"And now listen up" he whispers,
as if he is afraid you two might be spied on.
"Its blade is sharp and light reflects on it...
. It is not pointing left nor right,
but pointing it does...
It is not the shorter one,
but also not the longest one there...
Will you remember this?
Make sure you note my words and do not get it wrong!
Or else the beast will have you and we all be lost - forever!"




You nod to insure him you have listened well,
and head for a door at the other end of the room,
glad to be finally able to escape this horrid place!!!









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