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You will find many wonderful links here,
and who knows - you might even feel tempted to join the wizards yourself!



This wand is linked and will
transport you to where you will find many more adoptables!




My welcome present from
Maggie Skye!

(I think it is really sweet - thanks Maggie Skye!!!)




This is unbelievable..
I feel so honoured having received this award!
I must admit, I nearly broke into tears when the email arrived..
This is really special for me - thank you all so very very much!!!!!!





And here come loads of beautiful adoptions!

























Sorry, don't want to brag, but I designed
the galaxy adoptables.. and I am really proud of them!












More presents for me - Yipieh!


A present for me from
a team member ~

Thank you ever so much


Thanks Lady Skye!

Sparkler came BY

I am dropping in with a
sprinkle of Spirit to share ~
Because I care ~
To send you best wishes ~
is what I dishes ~
So without further adieu
I Sparkled YOU!

Sparkler Lady Skye


Another lovely present ~
Thank you, Lady Victoria!

Spirit Dusting

Sprinkle, Sprinkle.
You have been dusted by a spirit fairy.
Flying through space I have beamed
into your site tonight to sprinkle you
with some Stars and Beyond space dust.

Let your spirit shine bright!

Lady Victoria




My Team


This Is My Team At The Wizard's Quest ~
because I love this Universe and all its beauty!
It Is A Very Young Team, So We Are Still Desperate
Please Consider Joining Us, Will You?
That Would Be Wonderful!!!
















Will 'wiz' you to even
more Adoptions, if you would like to!




If you want to know
what other events I have taken part in,
then click the banner above!













Mike Oldfield




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