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If only...

Have you ever seen a fairy
Dance among the flowers?
They say it is a pretty sight
One can sit and watch for hours



I have not seen a fairy yet
That makes me very sad...
And every night I pray for it
before I go to bed



So if you are a fairy
And you have some time to spare
Please come into my garden
And show me that you care...



I will be good, I promise
I'll even bake a cake
Which we can share together
Two thirds I let you take!



We can sing and dance together
And watch the world go by
Then I shall be your student
While you teach me how to fly



O it could be so wonderful
We would have so much fun!
Dancing among my flowers
If only you would come...

by A. Hee















About the Fairy Folk...


Tiny little fairies
Are very hard to see
They live between the petals
Much smaller than a bee

You can not hear their laughter
Even though they laugh a lot?
It sounds much like mosquito talk
If you put me put on the spot

No photos have been taken
From fairy life at all

'Cause fairy life is secretive

They do not want us humans
Interfering with their ways
That's why they spend well hidden
Their nights and all their days

But if you have a sorrow
While your heart is pure and true
The fairies sprinkle magic dust
And will help to see you through...

by A. Hee















Where have all the fairies gone..


In a meadow lush and green
Sat a tiny fairy
On a mushroom, crying loud ~
O no, she was not merry...


Her wings were broken, all seemed lost
Her fairy end seemed near ~
When I found her in that meadow
She had barely left a tear


I picked the tiny creature
Up with my calloused hand
All worried I would crush her
Just speeding up her end


She was so weak and fragile
So feather light and frail
I hurried out the meadow
And rushed the whole home trail


The fire in my cottage
Did warm her weary bones
I made a tea and boiled some broth
And even baked some scones


When night time fell
I cracked a nut, the shell become her bed
Then I watched her drift to restful sleep
Her face still drawn and sad


I prayed that night and hoped she would
Survive till dark turned light
And kept the fire burning high
All through the chilly night


When morning rose and she awoke
I knew she would not last
But still she smiled and stroked my hand
Then told me of her past


The tree that she had lived in
Had fallen to the ground
The human voices she had heard
Had kept her scared and bound


She dared not flee
When finally the big old Oak had given
By human axes felt and cut
To the ground the tree was driven


I listened to her story
O, I did listen well
Because my axe had been there, too
When the big old Oak tree fell...


I did not dare to tell her
The truth where I had been
I cried an ocean when she died
And must live now with my sin


But how to stop the progress
We humans demand space
Where once stood big old Oak trees
We have laid a desert waste

We wonder where the fairies went
But how can they survive
In a world where only humans live
And nothing else can thrive....

A. Hee


Sparkle, the little Fairy
Brian Froud
















Fairy Child

Tiny Wings that do not tire
Did you see one flutter by?
Childhood never to expire
By nature kind and shy

Little Wings - sparkling and shiny
Magic through and through
Fairy child so sweet and tiny
I wish I'd be like you...

by A. Hee















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