4:28 AM Feb 11, 2005 IP 103:145

I must admit, I am wondering what that 'lo' stands for.. I have been looking at it for a while now and can't come up with an idea


11:04 AM Jan 28, 2005 IP 151:129



2:24 AM Jan 16, 2005 IP 103:218

Dear Skye, our has been sent on its way with the key.. *waves at Skye from the balcony*


2:01 AM Jan 16, 2005 IP 103:218

You shall be welcome, Skye.. I will send you an email and hope to see you soon inside the castle!


1:02 AM Jan 16, 2005 IP 141:234

Greetings, I had gotten up to 51 pints then ran into a vampire hunter. Got knocked down quite a few pints then found another human treat that gave me 23 pints I didn't think that was possible but that's what happened. My question now is do I have to be at 50 pints to be welcomed or having reached 50 pints got my fanged hiney handed to me on a bolt of wood and continue to hunt may I be welcomed yet?


3:52 AM Jan 13, 2005 IP 103:145

Greetings Skye, just sent our bat over to you with a message


2:44 AM Jan 13, 2005 IP 141:234

I must confess I have yet to partake of blood. That being spoken would also have to say as of yet also have no sire. However, I am most eager to learn and my loyalty can not be bought but only given. This I have to offer.


10:51 PM Jan 12, 2005 IP 98:82

Dear Skye, weary traveller, please entrust a message to our faithful bat so that she can carry your request into the castle's walls. We need to know your ancestry, your vampiric name (should it differ from Skye) and how many pints of blood you have drunk. Once we know all this, and find you to be one of us, our gates shall open wide for you and our home shall be your home


10:02 PM Jan 12, 2005 IP 141:234

Greetings, Long have I traveled, weary and worn. Looking and searching for what has been lost.Night beckons me calling me home, not to rest but to begin ...I wish to come home will you welcome me here?


1:02 AM Jan 9, 2005 IP 103:218

Dear Gabor, but is this not the tragedy of the vampire? To have lost the soul, so vital to stay part of this inescapable cycle you describe? That loss is what traps us between the worlds of the dead and the living...

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