Okay, you probably expected to find a whole array
of information in here, but I must disappoint you...

I am not a vampire
(despite anything my neighbours might think)
(or the fact that I am so night active)

Fact is, I do not feel qualified to ramble on in here
about the reality behind the myth,
but I would like to point you in the direction
of two great sites, which are both dedicated to
vampirism, with one of these two sites
also offering a lot of information on were creatures, too.

What I would like to say is this:
Think before you judge!
All vampires I have met so far were nice,
warm-hearted and kind beings,
and even though there are certainly some
out there that are not - don't you find this in every species..?
Most humans like to eat meat - a bit hypocritical then
to condemn a vampire for liking blood...
(I am a fierce vegetarian by the way *s*)


Okay, here come the two mentioned sites

But you will sign my guestbook before you leave, right?
(hehehe - had to fit that in here)

Good Luck in your quest for more knowledge!


Lair Of The Hidden
(vampires and were creatures)
(including a forum)

Writhed Roses
(separate myth from reality)




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