(what a horrid word... I know... sorry...)
(still - some rules here must be obeyed...)


This list is for sites with
fantasy, wiccan/pagan, gothic and science-fiction content only.
Commercial sites and other Topsite Lists are welcome, but only if they
advertise and sell goods within the above mentioned categories.


While horror sites are allowed, sites containing
adult content, violence, abuse, or discrimination of any form
(including abuse to animals and abusive language!!!)
will be removed without prior warning.


A voting button MUST be displayed!
I will go and check, and if I can not find the vote button
I will first send a warning email,
and if the button is still not showing, the site will be deleted.


One vote per ISP per site a day is allowed.
If you vote for the same site more than once in 24 hours,
the system will deduct those votes and the site
will come worse off in the scores.


.. Banner size..
While I believe in diversity and think lists
displaying banners are generally more fun,
I would like to ask for moderation in the KB section.
Please remember some visitors are on dial-up,
which can mean painfully slow loading times.


This is not a rule, but more an explanation why
sometimes a new member or new votes will not show up immidiately.
This list unfortunately does not update on its own.
I have to force update (and do so a a few times a day)
Sometimes the log on does not work,
and it can take a few hours before I can get back
to edit and update this list.
If there is a persisting problem, I will post a message,
which you can check by pressing

or by clicking on the link for leaving a comment on the main page.


~ Thanks for your understanding ~


Any questions or problems,
please send me a message by clicking my little
'troll' below, or leave your own message behind
in my comments book