~ Please Read The Rules ~
(sorry... I know...'rules' is such a harsh word...)
(I apologize, but still.... some rules are necessary...)



Your site MUST have fairy, or unicorn,
or angel content to join


Sites containing adult content, violence, abuse,
or discrimination of any form
(including abuse to animals and abusive language)
will be removed without any prior warning.


A voting button MUST be displayed!
I will go and check, and if I can not find the vote button
I will first send a warning email,
and if the button is still not showing, the site will have to be deleted.

If you do not like the voting button provided when joining up,
maybe you prefer this one.
Please upload to your own server and ulter your
voting code accordingly *s*


One vote per ISP per site a day is allowed.
That is how the settings have been chosen.
Any additional votes will not be counted.


.. Banner size..
While I believe in diversity and think lists
displaying banners are generally more fun,
I would like to ask for moderation in the KB section.
Please remember some visitors are on dial-up,
which can mean painfully slow loading times...


Your site will not show on the list after joining
until you have activated your membership by clicking once
on the voting button, after you have installed it on your page.
It then will take until the next update (every 15 min.)
to appear on the list



~ Thank you for your understanding ~



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