~4th of July 2010~

Yieks, time flies, doesn't it?
And still no new updates, I know >.>
Many have asked for me to update when the tagboard still functioned,
but I really do not feel like it, and if I don't feel like something,
then I don't do it, simple as that.
And I also do not feel like promoting My Lair further.
I think I will just leave it as is.
I promoted in the past, but so much work, pfft.
Apologies if something doesn't work,
my host introduced some changes, I think, which could affect
certain applications or so, but I am in no mood to go find
what has been affected.
This is bad of me, I know *blushes*
Cookies instead?
Oops, got no cookies to offer either, drat,
only a bright smile and a 'have fun',
but that's worth something, too, right?
*smiles brightly and wishes lots of fun*



~5th of February 2008~

uhm.. no news is good news.. right?

It better be, as I still haven't updated *blushes profoundly*
And as things are going (or limping? *ponders*) I doubt there will be major
new updates to this site any time soon.
I just do not feel like creating new webpages at pres,
and looking at the size of this site as it is,
maybe I should spare the world anyway? *smirks impishly*

But definitely a massive thank you to those stopping by and also taking the time
to sign below, or in the guestbook - always means a lot to me!! *big big smile*
I promoted the site again more for a while, and visitor numbers shot up immediatly,
but I just do not have the patience and wish to keep My Lair
high ranking on the lists, and so it again has fallen to chance who ends here,
which is somehow more fascinating anyway *giggles*

Thanks for reading and -obvious wisdom for the way- .. always take it a step at a time,
wherever you are heading in this weird existence
(and try to avoid tripping over your own self, like I tend to do so often O.O)
(last bit above in brackets especially important :P)



~ 5th of July 2007 ~

Link added to the Vampire Realm

It's a link to a roleplaying forum, for all those who like to write.
The roleplay is connected to the game Ravenblack or The Dark Alleyways.
Please show mercy with the owners of the forum - they are only starting out
with this project, but it's fun if one loves vampires and writing ^_^
Getting to the forum is easy - just click on the blood bathing vampiress *smirks*
Vampire Realm (think I mentioned that already, hehe)

And yes, otherwise I am still lazy (beat me with a stick if you dare :P)
but I have been checking the topsite list links at least.
I really should get the site promoted more again, but oh well.. I am busy.
Busy with what?
Playing about, of course, doing silly stuff and nothing what I should be doing *whistles*


~ 3rd of December 2006 ~

Found a way to at least make small changes!!

Due to a change of computer
and problems getting my former design program swapped over to the new one,
I am not really able to start any new projects at present :(
I am using my host's editor for this, and it is quite tidious, lol,
but hey - at least it works somehow, so that's good.
I need to work myself properly back into HTML, if I can not get
my former program changed over, but I shall wait and see.
Additionally, what I feel I have to do, is apologise...
I have not been answering any mail for quite some time
simply having gotten overloaded, and I am not very social *eeks..blush*
I think my main mail account has something like over 2000 unopened mails *blinks*
and when I changed computer, I did not even reinstall my account on Outlook >.<
Pleeeeaaase no one take that personally, I just have phases where I withdraw.
For Leoneke - I do not have your email at the moment!!! If you read this, please leave a private message in the guestbook with your email,
and I shall mail you using my other mail account,
which barely anybody has the address off *huggles*
I also should see that I promote My Lair more again, I guess.
I have not been adding the site to new lists, oops, lol

Next apology has to be in regards of broken links!!!
Links within My Lair should work fine, but I doubt all outgoing ones do.
I need to go through those links and check which sites are still active.
Lots of work ahead *rolls eyes and pokes tongue out*

Well, that's it for the moment, all left to say is:
Thanks for stopping by here at My Lair
and I hope everybody is having fun ^___^