..unbelievable that this picture shall already be seven years old..

Where is the time gone?

And you, our little darling, are growing up soooo fast, it frightens me!

I only need to look at your two brothers and I know every moment is precious...

They too have grown up much to quick,, soon spreading their wings for good,
ready to conquer and explore this world,
while I am by far not ready yet to let any of you go!
(and neither is Daddy, by the way *smiles*)

So - as long as I can - I will hold on,
keeping your little hand in mine, wrapping you in my love,
anxious to protect you from whatever is nasty in this world,
while still trying to give you space enough to grow and develop.

It isn't the easiest of all tasks, but no doubt the most rewarding...


~ Our Little Darling ~

the world is a better place
simply for you being in it...








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