Castle of Shadows

~ History ~


Her sire had been nothing but a phantom in the night,
and when she woke, the shadow had been gone,
leaving her to fend for herself, all forlorn and confused...
Realizing what she had been turned into,
despair began to fight over her sanity,
till it drove her to the point where she wanted
to await the sunrise, to end her cursed existence.
Heading for the outskirts of town,
away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
to find a spot where she could spend her last hours alone
before embracing the sun - she came across an old castle like mansion.
The place looked as if it had lain abandoned for many years,
the massive grounds a tangled mess of rotting undergrowth,
but to vampiric eyes - a dark paradise.
With no one else around to challenge her right,
she laid claim to the mansion and made it her home,
throwing all her resources into renovating it,
until it shone again the jewel it once must have been in its past.

Forgotten was most of the despair for the time being,
instead the 'Castle of Shadows' was born,
and she busily invited others to join her in those ancient walls,
the ones of her blood - the ones that were family.
Thus the castle became more than just a home,
it became a clan...
So well they did, so much fun they had, laughter spilling
out into the night whenever those huge oaken entrance doors
opened to let guests in or out, b
ut with the growing family,
so grew the responsibilities,
and never had she aimed to be a leader, only an equal.

Then hardship struck,
of the sort that should not be discussed with strangers,
and she knew it was time to hand over what
had started to burden her, choosing one of the family she trusted
would be capable of leading what she had not wanted to lead...
Longing to heal and longing to find peace,
she knew what once had been her family now needed to move on,
and although the parting was heavy and many tears were shed,
it was still a joyous event, as it meant the birth of something new.
A new clan, soon to be known under the name of
~ The Legacy of Grim's Shadow ~ 
arose from the ruins of the old.


The Castle of Shadows on the other hand returned
to what it once had started out as - a home for just a few.
Unlife in its halls can be turbulent at times,
and what once was tied by blood has since been severed,
but friendship and love remains as strong as ever,
far beyond the ties of family.


Thus, hidden behind high walls..
the grounds patrolled by wolfish beasts..
the castle still exists,
and within it a loyal band of friends and equals,
armed and ready to rise

~ + ~