Fierce Friendship And Loyalty


We will defend one another
without regards to our own safety.

We shall discuss and take votes
on all important issues regarding our unlife.

We shall not hesitate to rise against injustice.

A brave heart, paired with good humour
shall be what is to guide us at all times,
enabling us to laugh into the face of our enemies.

We shall not use insulting language
should disagreement between us arise.
Quarrels between family members need to be
brought before the entire clan if the individuals
involved can not solve their dispute in private,
which should obviously always tried to be achieved first.

Active participation in the clan's life is
of high importance, which includes reporting
back to the castle on a regular basis.
Leave of Absence can of course be taken,
but should be announced to the clan
so that we know what is going on
and need not worry.

We shall respect each others views
with the exception of racism, child abuse,
sexual or religious discrimination,
animal abuse and other issues involving
hate, violence and beliefs that are not
part of our vampire community.
We are the undead - not the living.
Matters of the living shall stay with the living.

Stand proud and loyal!

...and thy friendship shall be repaid...


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