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Links related to RavenBlack



~ Maps ~

City Map
(very good map this one is, even though it loads quite slowly)
(will tell you action points needed when you click on two squares)

Another City Map
(map that tries to stay up-to-date with guilds and shops)
(provided by the clan of the 'Un-Named')


~ Game Info Rescources ~

RavenBlack Roleplay
(forum, much game info)

The Clans of RavenBlack
(a list of clans within the city, though not all)

Blood Point Database
(where vampires can register and display their achievments)
(the castle is listed there too with other clans)
(please consider registering, unless you are worried to go public)

Freedom Trade Alliance
(a yahoo group open for all vampires to join)
(dedicated to the collection of information related to the city)

The Abyss
(forum for clans and vampires of RavenBlack)
(a lot of great information here - mainly OOC)

(Center Of Vampiric Enlightenment - yahoo group)


~ RavenBlack Role Play ~

RavenBlack Roleplay
(forum based - IC and OOC boards)
(does not inforce the resting rules)

RavenBlack City
(RP community - yahoo group)
(does not inforce the resting rules)

(RP community - yahoo group)
(does not inforce the resting rules)

LilMemnoch's Ballroom
(yahoo group - RP and info sharing group)
(brought to you by your friendly neighborhood devil: LilMemnoch)


~ Other RavenBlack Links ~

The Vampire Midnight Post
(one of RavenBlack's newspapers - yahoo group)

Raven Black Vampires Powers
(yahoo group - helps vampires, especially on Charisma Quests)

The Vamp Court
(bring your quarrels before Ravenblack's court)

The Night Watch
(file a crime report and let the guards know there has been trouble)

Lost In Shadows
(RavenBlack Live Journal Info Community)