New to the city, forlorn and confused?


The Castle of Shadows is now offering help to
all young vampires, regardless of ancestry!

Deep under the Castle lie the catacombs,
and after having tidied the area,
our clan has opened a training's facility
which provides advise and information.
Make friends with other young vampires,
ask questions and find links to maps and similar
that can make life in the city a lot easier.

Pick up the torch (below) and follow the tunnel
to reach our training's camp.
Once there, please register, using your vampire name,
the same name you use in the city of RavenBlack.

Please note - aspiring clan members
before posting anything, as they will be assigned
to a different area of the camp.
The instruction given here are only for
vampires that have come for help,
not for those seeking membership.


May your nights be filled with healthy humans
and your path littered in bags of coins...

The Castle of Shadows


..please pick up the torch and follow down the tunnel..