That is the first law we live by.

For loyalty is our honour!


Therefore we shall not steal,
bite or attack a member of the family.

We will defend one another fiercely -
unless one of ours has deliberately provoked
confrontation with another vampire or clan.
Then we shall gather, discuss and vote
whether we can/shall get involved.

We don't seek quarrels,
but as our alignment is one of good,
we shall not hesitate to rise against evil
should we feel the need for this!
A brave heart, paired with good humour
shall be what is to guide us at all times,
enabling us to laugh into the face of danger.

Though Anjana is our official leader,
we shall always make important decisions as a collective,
rising above the pettiness of personal ambition,
valuing each and every member regardless of
their power or wealth the same.

As equals, our votes shall always be
counted as such, but one must first prove sincerity,
before being accepted amongst the shadows.
Active participation in the clan's life is
of high importance, which includes reporting
back to the castle on a regular basis.
Leave of Absence can of course be taken,
but should be announced to the clan
so that we know what is going on
and need not worry.
Members who do not report back will
be given a warning, but should
absence continue without reason given,
that member will be excluded
and left to fend for him or herself.
A password change will follow such exclusion.

We shall not spam one another,
nor shall we use rude language should
disagreement arise.
Quarrels between family members need to be
brought before the entire clan if the individuals
involved can not solve their dispute in private,
which should of course always tried to be achieved first.

We shall respect each others views
with the exception of racism, child abuse,
sexual or religious discrimination,
animal abuse and other issues involving
hate, violence and beliefs that are not
part of our vampire community.
We are the undead - not the living.
Matters of the living shall stay with the living.

Be loyal!
Be honourable, brave and good humoured!

...and the clan shall reward you...
...providing you with shelter, aid and the warmest friendship...


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